Transplant Recipients International Organization is a non-profit international organization committed to improving the quality of lives touched by the miracle of transplantation through support, advocacy, education and awareness.  TRIO is widely recognized and respected as the leading voice of transplantation, representing donors, candidates, recipients and their families
About Us

As a Chapter of TRIO, we offer understanding through sharing experiences and addressing the unique concerns of this life-saving process. This type of support and these issues cannot be addressed through a medical model. Candidates, as well as recipients and donor families need a national forum which will respond to their needs and find solutions to their problems in a productive and unified manner.

TRIO is such a group. We are the only umbrella organization in the world devoted to developing grass roots self-help chapters in the field of organ and tissue donation.

TRIO is a group of chapters and individuals committed to improving the quality of life of transplant candidates, recipients, their families, living donors and the families of organ and tissue donors.

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