Local Partners:
Many partners come together to promote and support organ, eye and tissue donation in the northeast Ohio area.  TRIO Greater Cleveland Chapter works with all these partners and thanks them for the support and assistance they have provided over the years.

Cleveland Clinic Transplant Center has been a vital partner with TRIO for many years.  They provide financial support, meeting rooms and attend chapter functions.  Cleveland Clinic transplant center has been a supporting partner since the inception of this chapter.

The University Hospitals Case Medical Center is a vital partner as well.  Meeting space, financial contributions and support of TRIO Greater Cleveland has never wavered.

Lifebanc is the organ and tissue recovery agency in Northeast Ohio.  They too have worked closely with TRIO Greater Cleveland to collaborate on events, provide design/printing services, host movies nights and continually supports TRIO Greater Cleveland events.
The majority of transplant recipients are individuals who were placed on the national waiting list for a life saving organ.  Sadly, 20 people pass away while on that list because an organ match was not found in time.

You can help improve that statistics for other individuals (and perhaps yourself one day) by encouraging everyone to become registered organ, eye and tissue donors.  In the state of Ohio, we have a Donor Registry which is a legal, binding decision for an individual on the registry. 

Help save lives like your life - or the life of a loved one was saved.  Join the Ohio Donor Registry TODAY!
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